One good tip to save money on your flight tickets

how-to-save-money-on-your-flight-tickets-divercity-newsTravelling can be very expensive and of course everyone are looking to spend less, so we are sharing with you a little bit of our experiences.

A simple way to save money on your flight depending on where you live is to have a look at another flight company from the destination country.

If you live in a country where the living expenses are more expensive than the destination country, it will be more likely that if you look for a flight company from the destination country, will be cheaper than a company from your own country.

I travelled many places and can tell you that you can save hundreds of euros per flight, by doing this.

I can give you one example: I live in Belgium, i travelled to russia twice, the first time i used Brussels Airlines to go to russia ( Brussels – Moscow ) flight and the price for a return was around 450€. The second time i went there i wanted to be cheaper by booking in advance but because of the season which was near christmas it wasn’t cheap. so i had a thourght to look at another company, so i took a look at a russian company called Aeroflot and there it was, a much cheaper flight which was leaving Brussels going to Moscow. Instead of having to pay 500€ for a return, it was only 350€.

So all you have to do is: do a little bit of research to find out which flight companies from the destination country could be leaving your country.

I have use this technique for all my flights now and honestly can save a fair amount of money with this trick.

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