Connect with nature, one of the best ways to relax and find peace

Turn your opinion of sport and practice hiking.
There are many good reasons to do so, but, you must know what is needed to practice it.
If your pace of life generates stress, it is a very good reason to practice hiking, because it is a sport that can be practiced by almost everyone, since there are routes for all levels: from beginners with little physical preparation to experts with routes sinuous, of great length and by terrains that present certain difficulties. But, also takes into account that although it is an exercise with little impact at its simplest levels, it is important to consult a medical specialist in the case of suffering from any important pathology so that, by means of a stress test, determine at what intensity It can be practiced. Remember that we do not all have the same physical resistance, so it is important to have a previous check.
Now, the good news is that the health benefits of hiking are also present for the initiates. Burning calories, increasing muscle tone or maintaining bone mass are some of the properties it has for the body; Doctors comment that this sport helps control hypertension, improves mood and reduces anxiety and stress. What else do you need? Make up your mind and start a healthier life.
Another good reason to do so is that you will be in touch with nature, studies by Professor Terry Hartig at the University of Upsala (Sweden) have shown that after a 40-minute nature excursion, intellectual skills are sharpened. Also, a walk around the city or resting at home does not achieve the same results. The longer and more natural and isolated the environment, the better the results. Being in a natural environment, far from noise, consumerism … has a great healthy effect.


And to all this, what do you need?
You do not need such specialized material, what you should not overlook is the footwear, choose good boots for your journey. The most important thing is that the sole of the boot is a little stiff and avoids slipping; the ideal material is the skin, because it transpires better and its height must grip the ankle well, since one of the most common injuries in hiking is the sprained ankle (also knee) when crossing unstable terrain. It is also important to choose models that have a good degree of impermeability, especially if you will make routes on trails with streams or on rainy days. The rest of the clothes should also be comfortable and breathable. Logically, depending on the time of year, it must be thicker or not.

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Another very important thing that you should not forget, is a backpack.

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In the backpack you can not miss a basic kit (scissors, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, sunscreen, gauze), a mobile with a fully charged battery, a map with the route and a compass.

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Inspire yourself, another activity that you will also enjoy will be to go camping; Besides being very fun, camping is very economical, but it’s not just going out with a tent and installing it anywhere. You must take into account some important aspects if you want to go camping and have a great time. If you have never gone camping it is easy to forget something essential. For example, utensils for cooking and eating, are essential that you have at hand and that you do not have trouble cooking in your stay camping.

These items will be of great help because it is equipped with everything you need, plus you can carry it easily without forgetting anything.

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If you go camping the most important thing for you to have a good time is that you have a camping equipment with those necessary and essential elements, especially things that you can not get where you are camping.
So, what should you take to your adventure? The answer is not fixed, since it largely depends on things like: in which geographical setting you will camp, what kind of camping, if you are near an urban area or not, the time of year, how many days you plan to camp, among other things. But, do not worry here you can find everything you need to have a good time.

If you run out of drinking water on your trip, do not worry. Take it from nature. With this filter you can drink it without problems.
Finding drinking water is not always easy depending on the country or the type of activity we do.
Or, if you travel backpacking, you can not trust the running water of many countries. It is possible to get parasites, bacteria and other organisms by drinking tap water. In addition, dirty water can contain heavy metals, excess minerals and chemicals that are best avoided.
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