8 Good and simple meals for a healthy living.

1. Hot oatmeal on a cold morning is a must for winter survival. It’s also a good way to stay satisfied until lunch and an excellent source of soluble fiber, the kind that helps keep your cholesterol levels low. You can do it on the stove, in the microwave or in a slow cooker. In warm weather, you can make oatmeal in the fridge overnight without moving a finger.



2. Green salad: Use fresh vegetables and consider that anything canned should be a complement and not the main ingredient so you do not end up with a wilted and sad salad. If you want it to be a complete meal, add a little protein such as meat, eggs, beans and nuts. Make sure you make a good mix of crunchy ingredients such as raw cabbage, cucumber or nuts, and some soft ones like tomatoes, cooked vegetables or beans.
The most important step is to make your own delicious homemade dressing (and healthier). A simple Dijon mustard vinaigrette always works, but also feel free to try something more risky. If you’re looking for a complete recipe that inspires you, try this salad with kale and Brussels sprouts.



3. Crispy Roasted VEGETABLES: Roasting vegetables is one of the easiest and safest ways to cook them. Turn your oven to 450 ° F (232 ° C). Chop your vegetables, the hardest ones (like carrots and potatoes) cut them into smaller pieces than soft vegetables (like broccoli and pumpkin). Place them all with a little olive oil and kosher salt. Spread them on one or two baking trays. Do not pile them up! Serve between 30 and 40 minutes, or until they look good and taste good.



4. A healthy bowl of PASTA: Do not believe anyone who tells you that pasta can not be healthy. Of course it can be. And those who deny themselves the pleasure of eating pasta, do not live their lives to the fullest. First, it uses whole wheat pasta because, like brown rice, it has more nutrients and fiber. Second, add lots of vegetables and some healthy protein. Third, limit your sources of saturated fats such as cream, butter, cheese and fatty meat. Try the whole rigatoni with roasted vegetables and pine nuts, or linguine with shrimp, olives and dehydrated tomatoes. You can also modify your favorite recipes to make them healthier. Try to prepare fusilli with broccoli roast and cauliflower with whole noodles with half of pasta and cheese and twice as many vegetables.



5. GRILLED CHICKEN: Grilled chicken is easy to make and is also a low-fat and healthy meat, although it has a bad reputation because it is tasteless. The key is to combine the chicken with strong and interesting flavors. If you have the time (and so you have foreseen), decide on a marinade.



6. SMOOTHIE: Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to condense many nutrients at once. Whether it’s a green detox smoothie, a seasonal fruit smoothie or a very simple three-ingredient smoothie, the key is making sure you have a combination of fruits, vegetables and protein, so it’s well-balanced AND tasty.
Water is ideal but also normal milk or its substitutes. But do not pay attention to the recipes that ask you to add sugar, be careful with the juices that are usually high in sugar and with the protein powder, since high levels of toxins such as arsenic, cadmium and lead have sometimes been found in it.



7. GRILLED FISH or GRILL: You’ve probably heard it a hundred times: fish is really good for you. It is high in protein but also low in fat, which makes it an excellent alternative to pork or red meat. White meat fish such as tilapia are especially low in fat, while fatty fish such as salmon have a high concentration of Omega-3. However, some fish have higher concentrations of mercury than others and many species are endangered due to overfishing. The Council for the Defense of National Resources has information here to help you make the best choice in your purchases. Even when choosing fish is not easy, cooking it can always be super simple. One of the easiest and healthiest ways is to bake it on parchment paper, but roasting it on the grill is another easy option for when you want something quick and crispy. To make a quick and easy marinade, try mixing oil, soy sauce, garlic, Dijon mustard and chives in proportions according to your taste. (The more mustard, more spicy, the more soy sauce, more salty, etc.) This will basically work with everything.


8. CHOCOLATE PUDDING low in sugar: Chocolate … is … amazing. Do not deprive yourself, just learn to enjoy it in healthier ways than with a chocolate bar “Snickers”. Chocolate pudding is the perfect solution because there are many ways for you to do it (secretly) and make it good for you. Try making this pudding of chocolate and avocado when you do not have much time, these rates of sparkling chocolate if you want to fool someone (or yourself) to eat tofu or a chocolate pudding with chia seeds and dates.



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